With a great zeal and enthusiasm Nomosots is here to deliver your legal work.

The legal process outsourcing is a process in which the law firm or corporate gets its work to be done on outsourcing an LPO provider or a law firm. The trend of LPO has increased rapidly in the recent years as the lawyers residing in the west charge handsome amount to deliver their legal services to the law firms are approaching the lawyers living in India as they get quality at cheap rates.


There are myriad companies in India which get the legal work and they outsource law graduates to complete it within a time constraint. The overall work is done online on behalf of which the lawyer gets the payment.


Specific requirements for LPO– In order to work for LPO firms a person should possess a specific set of skill which includes-


A person should possess a law degree from a prestigious law university.

  • Excellent hold on verbal and written English.
  • Can pay attentiveness to the insights.


Type of work we do in LPO– The LPO does not work on Indian code or for clients based in India rather the lawyers who work for LPO mainly work on foreign laws and for clients who are based overseas.

The work which we have done as an LPO includes Preparation of the documents according to the requirements of the templates, Evaluation and editing of the documents, legal inspection, etc.

Nomosots has been providing the LPO service since immemorial time.


What makes Nomosots different from others– Our outstanding services have made it handy for the lawyers to give their career a good push.

  • We give them a fair opportunity to work as an LPO provider for overseas lawyers and the law firms.
  • Along with it a chance to earn name and fame for which they have ever thought of.
  • The lawyers can earn a handsome remuneration in behalf of their exceptional services.
  • We assure to take your law firm to the acme with our world-class lawyers buddy who can provide you with the exceptional LPO services.


So if you’re searching to take LPO services then you can entirely rely on us for the services as clients’ satisfaction and their retention are what we dire to achieve and work for.


Nomosots is here to offer you all the legal services after a weekend holiday! With a great zeal and enthusiasm we are here to deliver you our best of work performances.


Nomosots provides legal services to lawyers and law firms based in US and Britain. We deliver legal services at a reduced cost in India. We have our all highly qualified professionals and skilled lawyers who are working all day long to satisfy your needs and to provide the benefit to you in your business. We understand the workload of a lawyer, and lawyers who are working in a law firm, so it’s a great option to assign your legal works to us which are done by our professional lawyers and attorneys in the minimum of time and cost as well. We have been one of the most successful service provider companies who are struggling hard every day just to provide our customers the best of quality work. We give huge importance to the privacy of our customers and do not compromise on it in any way. We accomplish all your legal works with great deal of discretion and supervision from our professionally skilled lawyers. In addition to it our lawyers are well acquainted with the English Common Laws of US and UK which makes it more convenient to deliver you the best quality work with more efficiency and accuracy. We also charge minimum cost just to ensure that cost doesn’t become the hindrance in your work. Moreover, there is a huge benefit of the complete different time zones which also makes it convenient to assign legal works to us in the evening while; we deliver you the accomplished work on the next day morning. Last but not the least, and we have all well versed fluent English speaking lawyers which are very important for communication.


Now, to give you a brief idea about the services that we deliver, below are some examples of services that we deliver to lawyers and law firms based in US and UK:

  • Litigation support services
  • Documents drafting services
  • Documents review services
  • Legal Transcription
  • Medico legal services
  • Paralegal services
  • E- discovery
  • Administerial and secretarial services
  • Legal research services
  • Summarization and data entry services
  • Pricing structure and many others…



Contact us for more information, click here info@nomosots.com or call us at+91-9546971860.


We are waiting for your response and will be glad to solve all your queries and problems…


Team Nomosots.


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